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Our Founder, Mital Salia

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Game Therapist, Unschooler Mom, Passionate Traveller and Upcoming Author

    Work and Experience:
  • Constant Learner – BHSc- Counselling, Dip Training and Development (ISTD), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Practitioner, Diploma in Experiential Education & Practices
  • Has over 18 years of rich experience in Education domain
  • Founder Director of Khel Khel Mein, a company that believes in bringing back the culture of playing Games in every home
  • Brain Fitness coach, highlighting role & importance of Games in Reverse Aging of Brain
  • Khel Khel Mein has been running annual programmes for children that focus on Life Skills Development missed out in schools, and they also do various programmes for Youth, Women, Adults and Senior Citizens, and have recently begun in B-schools & Corporate
  • Has previously worked in top educational companies doing Content Development & Teacher Training, including being the Teacher Training head of BMC – funded School Excellence Programme, and has also developed a Teacher Training certificate programme
    Passion and Achievements:
  • Firm believer of giving importance to Life Skills and Survival Skills, she has taken a bold step of UNSCHOOLING her only son
  • Her deep passion in Games has strengthened her research in Neurology & Psychology of Games with her collection of nearly 500 games
  • On Expert Panel for a women empowerment website – Felisha
  • Mital and her husband have been regularly hosting Free Game Days or Game Nights inviting friends, relatives or acquaintances to give them the taste of Gaming culture
  • Has been Career counselling and also believes that Games play a strong role in career development, and help improve different aptitudes
  • Throughout the lockdown, she has been educating parents, teachers and counsellors for buying the right games, and been promoting Made In India games, which has helped her connect with Game Designers & companies across the country
  • Invited as a distinguished speaker at IISF (an initiative by Govt of India) for 2 expert sessions
  • She was recently invited by TEDxSomaiya Vidyavihar for a TEDxShot video
  • Her first publication as an author is on its way and will be soon out for readers to learn more about her idea on Game Therapy