Brainy Birbals

It is said the physical development of the brain happens till the first five years of life, which highlights the importance of stimulating the brain in these early years. Researches have shown that physical development in these years lead to a better brain development, and leads to better academic development too.
For age: 4 to 7 years | Duration: 60 minutes per session | 1 Session per week

    Brainy Birbals programme brings in a scientific approach to brain development thru’ the MYND way
  • M – Meditative Reflection & Childlike activities
  • Y – Brain Yoga & Brain Gym exercises
  • N – Neuro-exercises for whole brain development (Games)
  • D – Dance – Circular & Developmental Dance

  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Memory Skills
  • Motor skills development & Coordination
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Whole Brain Development

Chatur Chanakya

School education alone is not sufficient to prepare the children for the professional life in this competitive world. They require life skills such as critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, better Social and Emotional Quotient along with the Lower Order Thinking Skills.
In the current times, where everything is available at the click of a button, children often are not exposed to failure and trying multiple ways to solve a tough problem. Games are the perfect tools to teach failure and allow practising various types of thinking skills.
For age: 08 to 15 years | Duration: 60 minutes per session | 1 Session per week

    Chatur Chanakya is a well-planned programme with a proper curriculum in place that covers three pillars to develop the right mix of life skills to ace in life:
  • Lower Order Thinking Skills such as memory, concentration, focus etc.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills such as logic, strategy, analysis, critical thinking for problem solving etc.
  • Management Skills thru’ team games and group games to develop Social & Emotional quotient.

Board Games Gurukul

Board Games Gurukul (BGG) is all about strategic and professional development through the modern Board Games. Games are curated so as to develop various different types of thinking skills in children.
For age: 13 to 18 years | Duration: 90 minutes per session | 1 Session per week

  • Board Games of different levels of Strategy – Light to Heavy Strategy
  • Filler Games to build the Lower Order Thinking Skills
  • Reflection and De-briefing through Review Circles

  • Developing multiple types of Thinking Skills
  • Developing the Emotional and Social Quotient
  • Developing the Adversity Quotient and ability to react differently in different situations.
  • Developing those Entrepreneurial Skills which cannot be taught on Blackboard

Happy Girls

Women love kitty parties! And if these can be made meaningful, nothing like it. Usually most women face various psychological and emotional turbulence between the age 30 to 55. Also, the stress levels are going high in everyone’s lives. Our Happy Girls concept incorporates multiple methodologies that cater to the needs of the women – all through fun and games!
It’s a concept where we have an annual programme to meet once every month, just like a kitty party! Each session will be conducted by our experts on a pre-planned curriculum!
‘Happy Girls’ will engage the participants in a range of games – thinking games as well as fun games, circular dances, bonding games, circle games and brain fitness activities. The right combination of these will ensure to raise the happiness quotient, improve the thinking ability as well as heal various emotional issues at a sub-conscious level.

  • Fun Games
  • Circular Dances
  • Bonding Games
  • Thinking Games
  • Brain Fitness activities

  • Release happiness hormones
  • Improve Happiness quotient
  • Sharpen the brain and thinking skills
  • Reverse aging of the brain
  • Heal oneself emotionally and psychologically
  • Improve relationships at home and work

K3 Club (Khiladiyon Ke Khiladi Club) – The Ancient Board Games class

K3 Club is all about unlocking the ancient wisdom. Kings and the most skilled warriors sharpened their strategic thinking by playing various board games. Playing those games over and over again would help develop a strong strategic thinking and the analytical and planning skills.
K3 Club brings games from the most ancient Era which have been played by various masters. These games are of different genre and thus help develop the different tactics. Each turn, participants are provided with different games, rules and variations are explained, and they play the same with different participants.
These games are given as return gifts so that the games can be practiced and mastered over the month, to compete with each other in the next session.
1. 21 Ancient Games
2. Different genre and game play every month
3. Tutorials and Play session / Video tutorials and online sessions
4. Get games as return gift every turn / get printable format for online session

  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Develop the analytical tactics
  • Develop daily habit and passion towards game
  • Improvement of overall tactics and critical thinking