Khel Khel Mein


Women's Events

Events for every occasion are on the rise these days. With the stressful life, entertainment has become important and necessary. We have categorised events for women separately as women have special psychological needs. With the high stress and hormonal changes, women are undergoing multiple mental health issues. Our Women's events cater to the Psychological needs of a woman, and thus have a more holistic entertaining programme.

Call us for exclusive programmes only for women and your kitty parties.

Couple Game Therapy

Couple Game Therapy is a fun way to create a strong bonding between the couple. It is an annual programme with one Game session every month, where we have curated meaningful fun games to create a stronger bonding and deeper understanding between each other. In addition to the session, there are many games that will be given to the couple every month that can be played at home with things available at home, including games to build better rapport, know and understand each other better and intimacy games.

  • Monthly Game Session with all couples.
  • Games to play at home
  • Rapport building Games
  • Know Each Other Games
  • Intimacy Games

  • Build a better rapport
  • Create a deeper understanding between each other
  • Create a stronger bonding
  • Resolve issues subconsciously
  • Bring more spice and newness in the relationship