Khel Khel Mein


Treasure Hunt

Theme-based, goal-oriented Treasure Hunts has been our speciality since last 6 years. We arrange for different types of Treasure Hunts for various occasions such as Birthday parties, social gatherings, family get-togethers, school picnics or even for corporate trainings.

  • – Walkathons
  • - Cyclathons
  • – Car Hunts
  • – Road Hunts
  • – Scavenger Hunts
  • – Murder Mysteries
  • – Online Treasure Hunts

  • Now, post the Pandemic times, we have introduced special online mystery Hunts and Escape Rooms that make you think, search and solve! We also cater to the important skill of team building, which can be beautifully achieved through this game.

Gaming Events

At Khel Khel Mein, we believe in non-competitive, co-operative play. Our Game-a-thons bring non-stop fun with co-operative plays, where all can play without getting out and feeling left out. Board Game Parties (including Ancient Board Games) are ideal for smaller groups who are looking for more meaningful challenging yet stress relieving fun.

    These can be arranged for any indoor event catering to personal groups of friends and family, or for specific social groups like teachers, parents, corporate employees including the level of top management.

    Such Game-a-thons and Board Game parties can be made highly engaging, interactive and lead to deeper thinking.

Professional Workshops

Our Founder Director, Game Therapist Mital Salia has been a speaker at various platforms, and through her varied expertise can deliver interactive workshops on a range of topics.

    Workshops can be arranged for specific groups of teachers, parents, employees, women or senior citizens on a range of topics catering to their psychological and neurological development, with the touch of Game Therapy.

    Our signature workshops include topics such as Brain Fitness, Teach Thru’ Games (for parents & Teachers), O Mind, Please Relax (Stress Relieve Thru Stress), i-Nurture (IQ & EQ thru Games), Couple Game Therapy, Family Game Therapy, Bring Home the Ancient Wisdom & various Games workshops.

Corporate Events

We arrange for Game based Training programmes for all levels of Corporate Employees. These can be focused on Skill Development as well Stress Management. These programmes include pure Games – not just activities like most other training programmes.

    Games can be curated as per the objective of the training, and these add a great value to the Socio-Emotional development along with the various other skills development.

Programme Duration No. of Participants Platform
Treasure Hunt 90 – 120 mins 30 to 120 Virtual
Treasure Hunt 120 – 180 mins 30 to 150 Real-time
Game Sessions 60 – 90 mins 20 to 30 Virtual
Game Sessions (Fun) 120 – 180 mins 20 to 30 Real-time
Game Trainings Half Day 20 to 30 Real-time
Game Trainings Full Day 20 to 30 Real-time